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published at : March 20th, 2020

1. Provide Value

Passion and a skill for words are only two components of outstanding content. You could be the best wordsmith on the Internet but gain ZERO followers if your content doesn’t provide one thing to your audience: value.

Readers are drawn to content that benefits them. Luckily, there are many ways to provide value—it’s just a matter of identifying the benefits your audience wants, and then catering to those needs.

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For example, a home improvement business might provide helpful how-tos and DIY guidelines for their customers. A Web hosting site could publish tips for troubleshooting server problems or advice on common mistakes to avoid when setting up a website.

The idea is to cater to your customer demographics in a way that resonates with them and offers tangible value. Do this over and above your business’ specific products or services, and you’ll win loyal readers.

When you sit down to plan your content, consider your audience and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who am I writing to/for?

  • What problems or questions do my customers have?

  • Is there information or resources at my disposal that would interest or benefit my readers?

  • What content is currently trending in my niche? Do I have anything to add to the conversation?

By answering these questions, you can begin to delve deeper into topics that are relevant and useful for your target audience.

2. Cite Sources

Opinion pieces have their place in the content world, but cold hard facts tend to resonate with readers. Data and statistics lend weight and credibility to your authority, increasing readers’ trust in you and your content.

Where possible, back up your claims with facts and stats from credible sources throughout your posts. You can also publish fact sheets—a type of post that’s especially appealing to readers who love to read small, digestible pieces of information all in one place.

Fact posts are also more shareable, as you can make each individual stat Tweetable or ready to share on Facebook.

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3. Make it Newsworthy

The best content is often current and newsworthy. Instead of shooting in the dark, hoping your content ideas will stick, do some research. Identify trending topics within your niche as well as in broader media and pop culture.

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