HVAC Reputation Management

published at : June 19th, 2020

Reputation management and e-mails have lots of aspects. Company owners and managers equally rely on them on a regular basis. Whether you're using it or marketing, both of these components' usage should not be dismissed.

Let's say you wish to keep your clients happy and own a store. It's a slow economy that keeps people spending less time searching. This doesn't help your bottom line however, it does cause harm to goodwill and your reputation.

So what does that mean for your  business? What can you do? You could buy a website and hope for the best, however that may not reduce it. Why? Think about it this way for a moment:

If you have heard  this before feel free to skip ahead: It was said long ago that a good or great service experience will be told to 5 to 10 of your friends, but a bad service experience will be told to as many people as they can, including going online and telling about your bad experience. 

So now that you’ve heard this again what do you do? Well this is where reputation management comes into the picture, not just maintaining a good reputation, but also dealing with the bad or people that just didn’t get the kind of service that they wanted or expected.  

You can not control what happens with the consumers. It's all up to the enterprise to be certain that it isn't a negative experience. This may require more than 1 event in order to conquer.

 Think of it this way, making sure that every customer you or your employees deal with receives the same experience over and over will help you first and foremost.

  • Training is the most crucial part of Reputation Management

  • Making sure each employee understand that they represent your image

  • Let managers or supervisors be aware of potential issues before they happen

So now that your employees have been trained how to take care of your customers, what's next?  

So hypothetically let's say one of your techs calls you about Mrs. Jones, the issue is she felt that your price is too high for her and she wants to complain because she feels that your tech is taking advantage of her. So what do you do? Well this is where taking care of the complaint before it goes too far is where it is most crucial. Having the Manager ,Owner, Or Supervisor get on the phone with her and explain it may help to resolve her complaint. 

 But what if that is not enough? Do you walk away from the job? Do you offer her a special discount? What is the right answer? Making sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with the work performed is the most important thing.

 Keep in mind that there can be some customers that won’t be happy no matter what you offer. These ones can be hardest to deal with. But making sure that you have documented everything with pictures and notes can save you from someone coming back later and trying to say negative things about your tech and or your company.

Another way to help with reputation management is offering incentives to current customers, having them write a glowing review, or post online on your Social Media accounts, or even  sending a letter or note to the Better Business Bureau. All things online can stay there for a very long time. Good or bad reviews. But like anything posting a response to a negative review allows you to offer a review with the customer, and second trying to get them to retract their statement or remove it all together.  These are just a few of the ways to deal with the bad reviews. 

Maintaining great customer relations with current customers is also as important as reputation management. 

E-mails, letters, telephone calls, etc., are some of the typical ways to deal with issues. 

Your reputation is a reflection of your business and you. It is. As a company owner you should know your own habits.

You also need to be aware of what your company's current reputation is. You must determine how to fix it. Reputation management plans will help you achieve this.

This can let you understand what's going on with your clients. What about customer and employee service? Which kind of issues are you facing? With all of this information, you can formulate a plan.

We come to the fantastic news. This reputation management idea is really easy to use. You do not have to be an expert to set it up and it's precisely what you want.

There are a few different options of the connection management tools that can be used to protect its reputation and your business. Now you can see the benefits and realize how important they are to your company and you. 

If you’d like to find out more information about how FrontSight Digital Marketing can help you with your reputation management please click here to schedule an appointment.

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