Reputation and Review Management

# Reputation Management When we talk about managing your reputation, first lets define what Reputation Management actually is. It is appears quite simple initially: it's managing your reputation — how people perceive your company. At Frontsight, we dig deeper into in actually defining what reputation management is. To us, it's a two-pronged concept: It's monitoring and influencing the online reputation of a business or brand. It's the addressing of negative mentions or reviews. When looking at reputation management, most experts agree that there are three different kinds business do: Building - Typically carried out by businesses that are new or who are trying to build a good or reliable brand or name for themselves. Maintenance - This form of management is carried out by companies who already have an established reputation they and their customers view as good. The goal is to keep, or maintain this reputation. Recovery - If your reputation has taken a hit through bad reviews or any other reasons, this is the form of reputation management you should be employing. It largely consists of good marketing and self-promotion with the aim of helping you recover.

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